Man with shopping basket - 8 Ways to Nail Your Cart Abandonment Emails

8 Ways To Nail Your Cart Abandonment Emails

Statistics show that 75% of shoppers will leave your eCommerce store with items still in their shopping cart.That's a lot of potential sales lost.Cart abandonment is an uphill struggle that thousands of retail marketers around the world have to deal with on a daily basis. And while you can't persuade all cart-abandoners to complete the checkout – you can strategically persuade them to return.

Social Media Strategies

6 Social Strategies to Drive Serious Traffic to Your Store

Social media has gone way beyond funny cat videos and sharing embarrassing photos taken over the weekend.These days, social media has become huge for businesses. It wasn't long ago that people were wondering how social media sites like Facebook were going to make money from their 'free' platforms. Now, it's difficult to imagine what we ever did before Facebook Advertising came along.