Magento Hosting and Support

Magento Hosting & Support

We partner with UK’s leading hosting provider ANS (previously known as UKFast), to provide lighting fast hosting solutions to ensure your Magento store never slows down at extreme peak traffic. All Magento hosting solutions are designed to your specific eCommerce store requirements. Just as your business is unique to others, we don’t set you up on a pre-existing box or on a shared hosting environment.

Our hosting partner will fully manage all hosting solutions, it will be fully secure and PCI compliant and reside within the UK. Your hosting solution will be fully set up to run either Magento solutions, whether it will be the Open Source version or the Magento Commerce edition, we will have all of the technical capabilities taken care of for you.

Magento hosting speed optimisation

Magento Speed Optimisation

We ensure your hosting platform will be fully optimised to the highest level, following the recommended best practices from Magento themselves. This includes optimising caching configuration and hardware with Redish, Varnish, Percona MySQL, PHP-FPM, Nginx, and Apache.

We also recommend using ANS’ Webcelerator. This hardware solution sits in front of your server, which will dynamically cache and configure resources to increase the speed of your website. Whether running a marketing campaign or having a spike in traffic, Webcelerator takes the pressure off of your server. Reducing the server load will mean reduced server costs too, because there’s no need to invest in a more extensive IT infrastructure.

Magento hosting PCI compliance

PCI Compliance

All hosting platforms are tuned to your needs and are fully PCI compliant. The hosting infrastructure is designed to meet the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These are standard requirements for any merchant processing credit card data on a website. We work closely with our vendors, Trustwave and ANS, to achieve security compliance.

Magento hosting security

Magento Hosting Security

We take security very seriously. All access to the servers is audited, and only privileged individuals will have direct access for clearly specified reasons. Our hosting partner will constantly monitor and log activities on the web server for any suspicious activities. Automated vulnerability scans are carried out regularly to identify any known security flaws such as malware, obfuscated JavaScript Injection, cross-site scripting and more. Should these be discovered, they are patched and protected immediately.

ANS employs a state-of-the-art dedicated firewall or web application firewall that is fast and secure and does not affect the overall performance of the server or slow down your website. We work alongside industry-leading security firms to ensure your website is fully protected from threats.

We’ve seen many of our clients in the past who have been subject to DDoS attacks. This could hit you at any time or during a busy period such as on a Black Friday. DDoS attacks flood your server and firewall with fake traffic and take down your site. DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common, this is why we recommend using ANS DDoSX Protection software, which helps to detect and prevent the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Magento hosting backup

Magento Website Backup

Working closely with ANS, who offer you the best backup services available. Daily backups are maintained with intelligent services that will log any changes and securely back them up in a safe location. This ensures that your website is always safe and accessible to engineers for quick recovery.

Magento hosting 24/7 monitoring

24×7 Monitoring

Our Magento hosting partner ANS, will regularly monitor and track your website using industry-level software. If there are any interruptions in your website connectivity, errors, sluggish speed, or even intrusion, ANS will be alerted instantly, and their engineers can react to the situation immediately.

To keep a close eye on the website performance, we use New Relic to measure customer journeys through your website all the way to the checkout point. With this information, we can identify any performance glitches and look at improving these more readily.

Magento Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

A recent study showed that 40% of online shoppers would abandon their shopping cart if a page failed to load within 3 seconds. We recommend implementing a CDN when reaching a global audience and for lightning performance. An optimum CDN helps to deliver static content, such as images, CSS, JavaScript files and even whole pages to the end user, at lightning speed.

Because CDNs have a distributed network across the globe, allowing users to download static content closer to their origin point rather than having to make long trips around the world to fetch website assets, a CDN can help tremendously to speed up the page load. The faster the page load, the better credit you will receive from search engines and reduce the risk of customers leaving your online store.

Fully Managed Service

For peace of mind, all Magento hosting solutions will come fully managed by ANS. This means we do not just spin up web servers and expect you to manage and fully take care of these large, complicated hosting infrastructures. Instead, R & W Media will work closely with ANS to maintain, monitor, fully secure and set up your hosting solution.

Magento Hosting Customer Support

Enterprise Level Support

No long waits in queues or tiered support lines; when you need to contact technical support, ANS is always readily available. The hosting support team is your front-line support team to deal with any problems. Should any major issues require further attention, they will be escalated directly to Magento server engineers.

Even out of office hours, dedicated engineers are available 24/7/365 to ensure your Magento store remains online.

Please take a look at our case study of one of our happy clients, who are using our services, and hosted with our Magento hosting partner ANS.

Do you require Magento optimised hosting? Come and speak to us about your requirements today.

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We specialise in creating delightful web experiences with our wealth of experience in the Magento eCommerce space.
We create and manage high-performing online stores, all fully carried out by our highly qualified Magento developers.
Promote your products to a broader audience through leading multichannel marketplaces.
Integrate Magento with your ERP system, including CRM, SAP, Sage, Orderwise or any other office software.
We have many years of experience working with Adobe Commerce, the world's leading enterprise-level eCommerce platform.

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Words from our clients

The R&W team are an extremely professional and highly competent development partner. I would recommend them without hesitation.
William Starritt - Director
Antler logo
We have been working with R&W for the past 2 years and would highly recommend working with them. Steven (Technical Direct of R & W Media) has been a pleasure to work with; super knowledgeable and it is re-assuring to know that he is available at the end of the phone to discuss any concerns you might have. The team are detail oriented and work towards best practice and time after time have produced solid builds for us; on time and on budget. I couldn't recommend R&W more; and wish them continued success in the years to come.
Michael O Connor - Ecommerce Manager
Cadet Direct
I contacted four separate Magento developers before proceeding with Steven (Director of R & W Media) and have no regrets. R & W Media has an excellent knowledge of Magento and is quickly able to find solutions to our e-commerce problems. They are polite and professional and responds quickly to both routine development requests and critical issues. R & W Media is patient and is able to absorb and understand our ideas and requirements. R & W Media integrates well with our SEO agency and they regularly praise his knowledge and skills. Our site hosting is also managed through R & W Media Magento-optimised system and business has increased significantly since they took over at the beginning of 2014.
James Munday - Managing Director of Cadet Direct Ltd
Steven (Director of R & W Media) has so far handled the development project excellently. The results are extremely pleasing and I am looking forward to working with him on completing the project. He has extensive knowledge of Magento, actually there probably isn't anything he doesn't know in this regard. Very good all round. Thanks Steven
Ben Wilson - Director
Steven (Director of R & W Media) is a fantastic developer who has a great understanding of Magento. We continue to use him as he has a fantastic attitude to work and is always happy to help.
Andy Hopkinson - Digital Producer at Tommy
Top class eCommerce developers. I've been working with eCommerce projects for over 20 years and I wish I knew R & W Media from the very beginning. Web Development and customer services are 5 stars. The development of my Magento website with them was a stress-free experience. I can't recommend them enough.
Kleber de Carvalho - Marketing Manager
The Bed Slats Company
From Start to Finish with my project, it was a great experience, although based in Central London (R & W Media) would visit me to for face to face progress meetings which was fantastic, they used a great project management software to manage progress throughout the website build and delivered a brilliant website that has started to generate sales from Day 1. Highly Recommend for any project involving Magento.
Sanjeev Thakerar - Director
Universe Marketplace
Steven (Director of R & W Media) is an extremely professional and talented individual. Whenever I have worked with him in the past, he has always understood the needs and thinking of the end user. His work has stood the test of time for me!
Tiernan Mines - Founder & Director at Universe marketplace

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