7 Ultimate SEO Secrets for Magento 2 from our founder Steven Wu, an interview by MageWorx

7 Ultimate SEO Secrets for Magento 2 by Steven Wu, interview by Magento Partner MageWorx

One of Magento’s leading extension providers and trusted partners of ours, MageWorx, recently conducted an interview with our co-founder Steven Wu. MageWorx is an innovative Magento partner, specialising in developing Magento extensions to help online businesses thrive with extended functionality such as SEO, shipping, product management, user experience and more.

Building a successful Magento development agency

Previously, MageWorx had interviewed our technical director Steven Wu, on building a successful Magento development agency.

7 Magento 2 SEO Secrets

This year, MageWorx took the opportunity to conduct a further interview with our founder, this time delving deep into SEO and Steven Wu reveals 7 ultimate secrets to help improve your SEO in Magento 2.

Through this interview, Magento store owners can learn the ideal anatomy for an SEO friendly product page, take advantage of a blog alongside your eCommerce store, site usability, Google’s new YMYL algorithm and more.

Head over to MageWorx’s blog and read the full interview. Feel free to share it and comment below if you have any questions.

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