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Leading online tile specialist

Walls and Floors is a leading tile specialist offering low prices and an unrivalled range of tiles to help you make your dream home. Established in 1987, they have a healthy online business in addition to bespoke warehouses stocking over 20 million tiles delivering five-star customer service.


Running on an out-of-date custom-built eCommerce system

Walls and Floors were running on an out-of-date custom-built eCommerce system, which was archaic, difficult to work with, and could not meet the required business objectives. They wanted to scale the website, expand their product range and increase traffic to their online store.

The only way to further develop or expand their online store was to rely upon their existing development agency. However, their existing development agency was coming to an end, and all the knowledge of the custom-built system was about to be lost. So they needed to quickly migrate to a new eCommerce platform that was modern, future-proof, and could handle thousands of large and complex products with ever-changing ranges.

SEO was a major incoming driving force, so it was vital to continue this growth online and to expand upon it.

One of the major constraints on their existing website was the dated UI and lack of user experience. This needed to be radically redesigned.


Relaunched on Magento eCommerce platform

We relaunched their existing website on a secure and stable Magento platform. We successfully migrated all their existing products and ensured all essential attributes and data are fully mapped across without any losses, including legacy data such as customers and orders.

As well as redesigning the Walls and Floors website with improved UI, we also unveiled new features that helped drive better user experience of the online store including:


Outstanding Magento store

With the success of the newly launched Magento store, customers have found it easier to find products and check out quickly and easily. With the improved UI and engaging features such as Questions and Answers, Walls and Floors were able to provide helpful answers directly to customers with questions. The tile calculator has proved to be a helpful tool to customers, and ordering a free sample tile has been a benefit which has led to an increase in follow-up purchases.

With these new engagements together with optimized landing pages and SEO improvements, Walls and Floors has seen a major increase in traffic volume and conversions.

Now that they are on the Magento platform, this has given them the confidence to expand further online and plan further features and campaigns that were not possible before. This has helped them enormously with growth, the ability to add unlimited complex products and the capacity to expand their business online without limits.

Since the new Magento website launch, they have been awarded the Google Certified Shop badge as the only online tile retailer.

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