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Award-winning nutritious feel-good food

Established for over ten years, Pulsin offers a wide range of tasty award-winning snack bars, protein powders, keto products and shakes. All are made in-house and are gluten-free, nutritious and suitable for vegetarians. Many are plant-based too. So whether you are looking for a satisfying breakfast, something for pre or post workout, or just an energy boost or small snack, Pulsin has you covered.


Lacking Magento development support

Pulsin was lacking Magento development support and their competitors were overtaking them online. They urgently needed to improve their product range in their online store and generate more traffic to their website.

The website itself was weak. It was difficult to find products, the checkout was long and complicated, and it did not offer a big enough range of payment options.

Their traffic volume was low and they needed to boost brand awareness online in order to stay competitive.


Redesigned landing pages and radically improved SEO performance

We redesigned many of the product pages and key landing pages, which gave Pulsin a real boost in both presentation and functionality. It was now easier for customers to see the range of products Pulsin offered, and the improved website functionality made it easier for customers to shop and pay using the express checkout process we implemented. We added Opayo and PayPal as payment options for customers to choose from.

To help boost the lack of targeted traffic, we put our expert technical SEO skills to use and improved SEO on the entire website. We optimised landing pages, set up meta and canonical tags, and included sitemaps, a robots.txt file, SEO-friendly URLs, rich snippets and more.


Increase in website traffic and conversions

With the improved SEO and redesigned landing pages, Pulsin saw a rise in its Google rankings. Customers were able to quickly find Pulsin on Google, and the pleasant user experience made it easy for them to navigate through the website and find the products they wanted.

Checkout has now been greatly simplified, with multiple payment options available. We also saw an increase in mobile activity and mobile checkout. With the inclusion of PayPal, customers were able to check out more quickly and this became a widely used payment option.

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