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New taste experience from the Netherlands

Liquor Zaar is the manufacturer of the best selling O.J. Beer range from the Netherlands. They offer fruit beers — a light delicious beverage with an aroma of sweet fruits. Their strong beers come with a punchy alcoholic content and a long perfect finish that really delivers an ‘oomph’. Their range also includes a more simplistic pale dense wheat beer with a sweet and sour taste, as well as crisp and bitter light beers from Belgium.


Unable to scale due to limited development resources

Previously Liquor Zaar only had one in-house developer with limited Magento experience and skills, making it difficult for the company to expand and scale its website to meet its expectations.

Liquor Zaar wanted to expand their business to connect with wholesalers, retailers and distributors who could help promote and sell their beers in large quantities. But their existing Magento website was difficult to edit and update. The presentation of their beer ranges was poor and hard to navigate, making it challenging to find relevant information for customers.

Besides the apparent user experience issues the Magento store faced, the overall speed and performance of the website was a major hindrance to expansion.


Redesigned Magento store

R & W Media immediately took over development and provided a team of Magento experts. Our designers redesigned the website to create a better and more positive experience that helped propel Liquor Zaar’s brand and image. The revamped Magento website is now a breeze to navigate and products were presented in an orderly fashion making it easy for customers to find what they needed.

We also made it more appealing to their B2B target audience. We connected Liquor Zaar to our online marketing partner Reload Digital who helped to optimise their Magento store on Google.

Our developers fixed many of the bugs and limitations and improved their on-site SEO. To help improve the overall performance of the Magento store, we migrated it to our hosting partner UKFast, which provided optimised Magento hosting, with lightning speed and performance powered by Varnish and Redis caching.


A tremendous increase in traffic and conversions

With the launch of the redesigned Magento store, Liquor Zaar was proud to invite visitors to their website. There was a measurable rise in interactions from customer activities: a tremendous increase in SEO rankings, a surge in traffic, and a consequential increase in conversions. Their aim to connect with B2B customers came to fruition with the relaunch, and started to gain real ground.

The Magento platform became more stable and is now lightning fast with improved website uptime, in contrast to its previous sluggish and buggy performance. Having moved to a Magento optimised hosting environment, Liquor Zaar has confidence in its online store, and we have provided continuous support for their business needs.

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