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Over 100 years of making and selling quality luggage

Established in 1914, with over a century of experience in designing and manufacturing premium, high-quality, strong and lightweight luggage. Antler’s products are all manufactured and engineered in London, where every product is made responsibly and tested to rigorous industry standards. Antler is a brand beloved by many travellers around the world with its collections of innovative suitcases, lifestyle bags and handbags.


Antler required a technical team of Magento developers

As Antler’s objectives became more ambitious, their requirements became more complex. Antler needed a London based Magento agency that was talented and flexible, with the innovation skills to help turn their business ideas into reality.

Their current Magento store was buggy and their Google Analytics reporting was providing inaccurate data, making it difficult to invest in online advertising and grow their online sales.

The existing Magento agency was not technically capable of transforming their creative plans into working examples. Antler wanted to offer product personalization but their existing agency lacked the development skills to achieve this.

In particular, they wanted to integrate with other business software such as Klevu and Ometria to fully expand as an enterprise-level business.


Provided outstanding Magento development services

Our technical team of Magento developers came in and completely revamped the Magento codebase, fixing all of the underlying issues. This resolved many of the Google Analytics tracking problems that were providing incorrect reporting. Customers were able to navigate and checkout without any delays, and the Magento platform was fully optimized for speed and performance.

We successfully integrated new features and business software and made major improvements to the Magento store including:


Increase in traffic and conversions

Antler was astounded by how quickly our developers came in and fixed the underlying issues that had been plaguing them for so long. They were amazed by our talented developers and their deep knowledge of Magento.

With many of the errors fixed and correct reporting available again in Google Analytics, Antler had the confidence to continue their marketing campaigns without hesitation. Customers were shopping safely in an optimised Magento store that was clear and easy to use. And with the improved SEO tactics, there was a steady increase in traffic volume coming to the online store.

With newly launched features such as Klevu’s smart search features and aligned interest in product recommendations, as well as the convenience of spreading costs using Klarna, Antler saw a rise in shopping conversions.

With so many added features customers ended up spending more time and money in the Magento store. We now continue to provide ongoing Magento development support for this A-class client.

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