Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Optimised Web Hosting

At R & W Media, we provide reliable, fast, and scalable hosting solutions for Wordpress enterprise websites. We have partnered with leading hosting providers to provide you with the best and optimism hardware. All of our hosting solutions are highly secure.For all enterprise hosting solutions, we employ dedicated environments within an advanced infrastructure. We provide customer support second to none so you know your website is always in safe hands.Do you need Wordpress optimised hosting? Get in touch with us today.

Wordpress Responsive Website

WordPress Enterprise Solutions

We are a leading London based agency, when it comes to content management, we work exclusively with the open source platform Wordpress.

Focused On Content Heavy Wordpress Websites

We design and develop custom managed Wordpress solutions for our clients to enterprise level requirements. All of our Wordpress sites are mobile optimised to ensure a fully responsive experience, catering for all mobile and tablet devices and all desktop resolutions.We specialise in developing content heavy publications, including magazines, newspaper, latest news and journalism.

Focus on User Experience

Before designing a brand new Wordpress website, we start with planning and research, engaging our client in order to fully understand the website objectives and goals. This allows us to make data driven design when we wireframe and design user journeys.UX design is incredibly important as it blends functionality and delivers benefits to your organisation, including creating a user friendly website, memorability of your brand and helps increase conversion rates.
Wordpress website design

Wordpress Design

With years of experience designing Wordpress websites, we understand the flexibility and constrains and, as such, we know how to effectively extend Wordpress to your business objectives.With our experienced design team, we produce stunning and beautiful websites that reflect your company’s brand.
Wordpress Custom Development

Wordpress Development

At R & W Media, we have a strong development team. We have strong skill sets in programming languages including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the very languages Wordpress was built on.We have worked on large scale projects and know how to scale Wordpress websites and ensure performance and speed are never compromised. We have helped enterprise businesses build custom and bespoke functionality to meet their expectations.If you have a Wordpress project and would like to discuss this with us, get in touch.

Industry Partners

Working With Industry Partners

Over the years, R & W Media have formed a solid relationship with trusted partners. These partners are industry leaders and solution specialists in the eCommerce field. We are very proud to announce R & W Media are official authorised partners of major solution providers.

What Does An Authorised Partner Mean?

We have an established partnership with these solution providers and they have identified us as an expert in our field. The benefits of being an authorised partner include:
  • Established trust with providers
  • Experienced in implementing their software solution with Magento
  • Seamless integration with their software/platform
  • Work directly with their account managers
  • Prioritised technical support so we can turn around integration more quickly
  • Exclusive access to their software and platform and any new releases

Technology Platforms


Magento is the ultimate eCommerce platform, it has been responsible for powering thousands of eCommerce websites, including well known leading brands. As our chosen eCommerce platform, we work solely with Magento and, with our years of experience working with it, you know you are in safe hands.


Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform on the planet with over 78 million sites on the web currently powered by it. With its advanced, rich features and ability to work alongside Magento, Wordpress is always our chosen CMS platform.

Payment Gateways

R & W Media has worked with over 20 different payment gateway providers around the world. We have component knowledge in this area, ensuring secure payment transactions are implemented on your eCommerce store.Take a look at the payment gateway solution providers we are official partners of:

Sage Pay

Sage Pay are a highly recommended payment gateway provider in securely accepting payments online within the UK.


Worldpay provides secure payment services for small and large businesses to accept multitude of payment types.

Secure Trading

Secure Trading offers a reliable and secure internet payment gateway and is fully Level 1 PCI DDS compliant.


PayPal is a worldwide online payment system, allowing merchants and buyers to easily pay and transfer money securely online.

Realex Payments

Realex Payments is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing online payment gateways.

Optimal Payments / NetBanx

Optimal Payments is a global payment provider for processing credit cards and alternative payment methods online.

Magento Hosting Partners

Over the years, we have worked with the biggest and best Magento Platinum Hosting Partners in the country in order to provide you with secure and reliable hosting solutions with high uptime availability.


Rackspace provide managed cloud and dedicated hosting and are currently hosting leaders of Magento optimised solutions.


Peer1 are a high performance UK hosting company and provide PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions for Magento and Wordpress websites.


Nexcess has provided supreme web hosting since 2000, with special, highly optimised environments for Magento and Wordpress.


OVH is an Internet Service Provider of quality hardware and infrastructure with unique, secure and powerful hosting solutions.

Business Applications

At R & W Media, we have expert technical skills to integrate your online store with your business applications; from ERPs, to business management software, to stock control applications.


Sap is a multinational software that makes enterprise software in order to manage business operations and customer relations.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a global enterprise resource planner solution for businesses to control their finance and operations.


Orderwise provide businesses with their stock control software with order management, accounts integration, and website integration.


Brightpearl is a cloud based software for merchants in order to control and monitor their entire business through one system.


Linnworks allow channel integration, order management, stock control, and powerful tools for merchants.

Volo (eSellerPro)

Volo (previously eSellerPro) allows merchants to sell through a multichannel and provide inventory and stock control software.


Veeqo is an online based inventory and order management software and provides multichannel selling support.

Magento Technology Partners

We work closely with best Magento Technology Partners in the world to provide you with powerful features that help extend your online store and deliver a better experience for you and your customers.


WebShopApps offers extensive features for calculating shipping rates for your online store.


Aheadworks provides a large range of powerful extensions and plugins for the Magento platform.


Ebizmarts are a platinum partner of Sage Pay and provide the ultimate integration between Sage Pay and Magento.


GoMage offer a selection of proprietary Magento extensions and themes to help improve your online success.


Magestore is a leading Magento marketing extensions provider with a strong customer support care.


MageWorx tools are designed to enhance and improve the shopping experience for Magento.

M2E Pro

M2E Pro fully integrates Magento with eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten marketplaces around the world.


Extendware offer an extensive list of quality Magento extensions by following the best practices.

Email Partners

Email marketing is a big part of eCommerce and customer interaction. We work closely with only the best email marketing solution providers that offer automated triggered emails.


DotMailer are leaders of email marketing automation for enterprise companies. Designed to be used for marketers.


MailChimp is used by over 7 million people, allows you to create, send and track email campaigns.


Remarkety is an eCommerce email marketing software to help recover cart abandonment, wakeup inactive customers, make recommendations and more.

Live Chat

Customer service is incredibly important, especially in the online market. Providing direct answers and real time support is crucial, which is why we partnered with major live chat providers to help our clients interact with their customers directly.


LiveChat provides tools to communicate with customers online in real time, including reporting tools and ticketing system.


Zopim is an award winning live chat software solution. Chat with visitors in real time and provide proactive support.

Magento Web Hosting

Magento Optimised Web Hosting

We provide lighting fast hosting solutions to ensure your Magento store never slows down at extreme peak traffic. We have years of experience in managing and optimising hardware to run at peak performance. Our scalable enterprise hosting solutions are set up to cater specifically to your requirements whilst ensuring high availability. We do not offer off-the-shelf products or recommend shared hosting.All our hosting solutions are fully secure and PCI compliant and reside within the EU. Our managed hosting is fully ready to run both Magento Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition.

Magento Speed Optimisation

All of our hosting platforms are optimised to the highest level following the recommend best practices from Magento themselves. This includes optimising caching configuration and hardware with Redish, Memcache, APC, Varnish, Percona MySQL, PHP-FPM, Nginx, and Apache.
Magento Optimisation Technology
PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

All of our hosting platforms are tuned to your needs and are fully PCI compliant. Our hosting infrastructure are designed to meet the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These are standard requirements for any merchant processing credit card data. We work closely with our vendor Trustwave to achieve security compliance.


We take security very seriously. All access to the servers are audited and only privileged individuals will have direct access for clearly specified reasons. We constantly monitor and log activities on the web server for any suspicious activities. Automated vulnerability scans are carried out regularly to identify any known security flaws such as malware, obfuscated JavaScript Injection, cross site scripting and more. Should these be discovered, they are patched and protected against immediately.We employ a state of the art dedicated firewall or our web application firewall that is fast, secure, and does not affect the overall performance of the server or slow down your website. We work alongside industry leading security firms to ensure your website is fully protected from threats.
Magento website backup


We work with industry leading backup companies to offer you the best backup services. We keep daily backups both on- and off-site with our intelligent back service that will log any changes and securely back them up in the cloud. This ensures that your website is always safe and accessible to our engineers for quick recoveries.

24x7 Monitoring

We regularly monitor and track your website using industry level software, including Pingdom and Nagios, from multiple locations. Should there be any interruptions in your website connectivity, serving an error, sluggish speed, or even intrusion, we will be alerted instantly and our dedicated engineers will be reactive to the situation.To keep a close eye on the website performance, we use New Relic to measure customer journeys through your website all the way to the checkout point. With this information we can identify any performance glitches and look at improving these more readily.

Content Delivery Network

A recent study that was conducted showed 40% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if a page fails to load within 3 seconds. We believe in speed; when reaching a global audience, we recommend implementing a CDN. An optimum CDN helps to deliver static contents, such as images, CSS, JavaScript files and even whole pages to the end user, at a much faster speed.Because CDNs have networks across the globe allowing users to download static content closer to their original point, rather than having to make long trips around the world to fetch website assets, utilising a CDN can help tremendously improving your page load for a geographical audience.

Fully Managed Service

For peace of mind, all of our hosting solutions come fully managed. This means we do not just spin up web servers and expect you to manage and fully take care of these large, complicated hosting infrastructures. Instead, R & W Media will maintain, monitor, fully secure and setup your hosting solution as part of our service level agreement. If any problems or issues are experienced, you can come directly to us so that we can take care of it all.

Enterprise Level Support

No long waits in queues or tiered support lines; when you need to contact us for support, we are readily available. R & W Media’s support team is customarily the front-line support, to deal with any problems but should these issues require further attention, they will be escalated directly to our server engineers.Even out of office hours, our dedicated engineers are available 24/7/365 to ensure that your online store remains online. Our superior level of support is second to none.
Magento Web Hosting Partners

Partnered With Major Hosting Providers

We don’t offer any off-the-shelf, or low quality spec hardware, which is why we are partnered with the world’s leading hosting providers, providing optimum hosting solutions for our Magento clients. R & W Media are partners of Rackspace, Peer1, Nexcess, and OVH, with all being leading hosting providers in the Magento community. We have also worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and optimised many enterprise level Magento websites on the cloud.Rackspace and Peer1 have approved us as one of their official partners and Nexcess has awarded us a gold partner status due to the length of time and experience gained in setting up and managing enterprise solution hardware. Because of our long-running relationship with these hosting providers, we can always get in contact with them and provide our customers a high level of satisfaction and customer care, so you know your website is in safe hands.Rackspace, Peer1 and Nexcess are Magento Platinum Hosting Partners, having been identified for their excellent hosting services in the community and awarded them the highest level of honour by Magento themselves.
Magento Cloud hosting on AWS

Magento Cloud Hosting

To take advantage of scalability and high performance, we have hosted many Magento stores in the cloud. We have experience working with Rackspace cloud hosting as well as the industry leading cloud hosting platform, AWS.With the AWS, you can increase cloud instances within minutes during peak hours and decrease in capacity at off-peak to help save on costs. The ability to scale-up to a beefier specification with memory, disk space, and processors is highly flexible with no long waiting times compared to traditional hosting. AWS is highly secure, cost-effective, and reliable and is trusted by many big companies.Do you require Magento optimised hosting? Come and speak to us about your requirements.

Magento Platform Integration

Magento Integration with Business Office Solutions

Having a well-functioning Magento eCommerce store is crucial, however allowing it to speak to your internal business software is vital for your business success.At R & W Media, we provide integration services for enterprise solutions. We have a strong technical background that allows us to tailor the integration process to your exact requirements. We have worked with and integrated the following extensive business applications with Magento:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Nav
  • SAP
  • Orderwise
  • Linnworks
  • Brightpearl
  • Volo (eSellerPro)
  • Sage
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • EPoS
  • And more
With our integration services, we can automatically synchronise your customers, products, pricing rules, and orders with your back office application seamlessly to help your business run more efficiently and reduce operational costs.
Magento Enterprise Edition

Benefits Of Seamless Integration

The benefits of a seamless automated integration include:
  • Order Management - sales orders will be imported into your business application
  • Customer management - customers will be automatically imported into a centralised location
  • Catalog inventory management - synchronised stock inventory and full catalogue of products in Magento with your business software
  • Sale prices and discounts - create special pricing within Magento, synchronised with your business management software
We partner with leading firms to provide stable and secure implementation, many of which are cloud based software to bridge the gap on your online and offline operations.Get in touch, to discuss your next integration project.

Magento Multichannel Selling

Magento Multichannel Selling

Promote your products to a wider audience through leading multichannel marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. At R & W Media, we can help your business distribute your products across a multichannel experience all directly through Magento. We provide a seamless solution that integrates Magento’s backend with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten and automatically ensure your products are on sold on these marketplaces. Furthermore we can provide extended exposure of your products on to leading shopping channels that includes Google Shopping, Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Kelkoo, and more.

Inventory Management

You can maintain full control of your inventory all through Magento. Once a product is sold in one location and is sold out, our solution will automatically stop listing your product in all other locations and, once your inventory levels are stocked up again, your listings will be automatically re-activated.

Centralised Product Management

All product data will be handled within Magento’s catalogue system. No need to write separate descriptions or upload separate images for products on separate marketplaces. All product source will be derived from Magento’s catalogue and synchronised across all relevant marketplaces.
Multichannel Shopping

Pricing Strategy

Want to sell the same product with different pricing strategies on different marketplaces? With our solution, you can simply customise the pricing rule for each product on each marketplace. Update the pricing as often as you want and our solution will handle this seamlessly for you.

Managing Orders Across Multiple Marketplaces

Managing orders from so many marketplaces can be time consuming and genuine orders could slip through the crack if not careful. With our solution, all orders placed, whether on Amazon, eBay or Rakuten, will be imported into Magento directly, rather than having to manage orders through separate interfaces. When you update an order’s status or shipping information, it will be automatically synced across all relevant marketplaces creating a unified order management system controlled solely through Magento.
Magento Shopzilla Integration

Product Feeds Across Multiple Shopping Channels

Promoting your products on shopping channels such as Google Shopping will help boost your traffic and exposure to get your products positioned #1 at the top of Google. In return it leads to generating higher conversions rates for your eCommerce store.At R & W Media, we provide a solution that will automatically upload your products across multiple shopping channels, including Google Shopping, Shopping.com, BingShopping, Shopzilla, Kelkoo, PriceGrabber and more.This solution will allow you to export either all or a specific selection of your products from your catalogue and configure them to your satisfaction. You may even create separate feeds for separate stores and configure currencies and multiple tax rates. This exported feed will ensure all relevant information are provided and satisfy the shopping channel for inclusion.

Partners Of Leading Technology Providers

We work closely with industry leading Magento technology providers, to provide powerful extensions and capabilities to help extend your store and promote your business to across a wide range of shopping channels and marketplaces.Speak to us to discuss how multichannel selling can benefit your business.

Magento Enterprise Editon

Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition is one of the leading and fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world. Magento is an eBay Inc owned company. It is a comprehensive, feature-rich platform that offers merchants complete control and flexibility over their online growth.This world class eCommerce platform, is built on open source technology PHP and uses the Zend Framework. This complete suite empowers retailers in allowing easy access to tools such as content management, marketing, payment integration and merchandising functions to sell online.A survey was conducted recently and found that, amongst the top 1 million websites on Alexa, Magento dominates 26.1% of the market share and it is estimated that over 200,000 merchants are currently using Magento as their eCommerce platform. The platform is suited for large businesses, retailers, and brands.


Why Use The Magento Platform, For Your Ecommerce Website?

Here are a few reasons you should choose Magento Enterprise Edition as your eCommerce platform:
  • Highly customisable; whether you need tailored features or enhancements, Magento can be catered to your individual retailer and customer needs.
  • Lightning fast shopping experience; when it comes to speed, Magento offers caching techniques to better customers’ experiences.
  • Highly scalable; whether you are a small retailer or a large corporation, Magento grows with your business.
  • Powerful catalogue management system and CMS for eCommerce stores.
  • Over 50 payment gateways are available to support your payment processing needs.
  • Open source technology enables a large range of developers to be constantly updating and refining the platform and creates space for constant innovation.
  • Powerful reporting tools at your disposal, with the ability to even integrate with popular analytic software to give you a more insightful shopping performance.
  • Complex discounting and voucher distribution during checkout; create discount rules for specific products or customer groups, such as buying a certain amount of products for free shipping.
  • Multi-store and multilingual support.
  • Full PCI Compliance.
  • Offers a range powerful, rich functionality for all merchants (please see feature list below)
Magento Enterprise Edition

Exclusive Magento Enterprise Edition Features

Magento offers two solutions. A free Community Edition with limited features and requires more development investment, and a fully-supported, premium Enterprise Edition, which comes fully completed with all the necessary features for any merchant.Highlighted exclusive Magento Enterprise Edition features include:
  • Full page caching, offering faster shopping experience
  • Private sales for select groups of customers
  • Purchase physical and virtual gift cards
  • Reward points
  • Multiple wish lists
  • Return management authorisation
  • Backup and rollback
  • Staging environment for testing new categories and product information and promotions etc
  • Order archiving
  • Logging of administrator access
  • And much more
Magento Enterprise Edition includes everything from the Community Edition plus further exclusive features. To see a full list of the rich functionality Magento offers take a look at the Magento Features List PDF.
Capezio Magento Store

Who Are Using Magento Enterprise Edition?

Some well-known, established brands and corporate companies are currently using Magento Enterprise Edition including Nike, Ford, Samsung, Men’s Health, Olympus and Nestle Nespresso.

R & W Media Are An Experienced Agency Working With Magento Enterprise Edition

Here at R & W Media, we have certified Magento developers with years of experience working with Magento Enterprise Edition and no project, big, small or challenging, is beyond our capabilities having designed many engaging, mobile-friendly and high-converting Magento websites. Our technical staff have helped numerous of our enterprise level clients build custom and bespoke features that help fulfil their requirements by making managing their online store a breeze.Do you want a demo of Magento Enterprise edition? See how Magento can help run your online business. Get in touch today.

Magento Ecommerce Development Services

Magento eCommerce Development

R & W Media specialises in Magento technical development. We have a world class team of certified Magento developers who can help build visually interactive and fully responsive mobile friendly eCommerce stores. We have years of experience working with both the Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.We work closely with other creative and digital agencies to provide our stellar Magento expertise to help them in the challenges of developing with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Magento Custom Development

Magento Custom Web Development

Whether you need a brand new responsive Magento website built, custom modules and extensions developed, or upgrading to the Magento platform, our team of talented experts can help fulfil your business requirements. Our team of certified Magento developers specialise in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, the very open source technology Magento is built with.We build Magento websites from scratch, allowing us to control the overall codebase more carefully and ensure your website is scalable letting your business to grow online. Our project leaders work closely with our client to determine your business requirements and goals and formulate bespoke features.With years of practice, we have become a specialist in the area of integration with payment gateways, shipping service providers, as well as other third party business applications. In the past, we have custom developed features such as building B2B services, gift cards, multiple warehouse stock management, and many other features.

Best Practice

With our certified Magento developers, we following best coding practices to deliver bespoke shopping experiences for your customers. We regularly train our staff and exercise our skills due to the nature of changing standards within our industry, to better our work and produce innovative designs. This also enables us to provide the best technical development services to all of our clients.We perform code audits and regularly review our working codebase to better improve the performance and push the boundaries of what Magento can do.
Magento Website Speed

Fast Loading Websites

Sluggish speeds will not just affect your page load but also hurt your customers’ patience. This can have a major impact on your Google rankings. Here at R & W Media, when developing we always ensure speed is an important factor. Performing code audits, monitoring environments, using industry leading software, such as New Relic, to provide deep insights on site performance and identify any bottlenecks allows us to continuously optimise the site performance.Typically employing fast-caching methods, including Varnish, Redis, and CDNs, we can ensure your website pages are load lightning-fast at peak traffic. Faster loading websites will provide a stress free customer shopping experience and see an increase in conversion rates.

Version Control

All Magento website codebases will be actively maintained and managed by us. This is securely stored in our code environment in Git, version control software that keeps track of all revision history when making development changes.With this, we can continue to develop knowing that previous versions of your website are always kept safe. Should we ever need to rollback or revert to a previously made change, we are able to do so without hassle.
Magento Responsive Website


Our highly skilled Magento developers rigorously test your website before launch. We carry out a variety of methods to test features that we have built to ensure they meet the intended purpose and are reliable and stable for release.In order to pass our QA assessment, features are put through our internal testing, which involves both manual and automated tests. We use a variety of testing tools, including the Magento functional testing framework, hardware testing through a multitude of computers and mobile and tablet devices, and finally, rather than assuming something works, we proceed in attempting to break it. Once satisfied with our own tests, we go through a customer facing user acceptance test for final verification.


Over the years, R & W Media has been perfecting the deployment process. We use automated tools to help move larger changes to the production environment seamlessly without any disruption or downtime.We use continuous integration, a development practice that requires our developers to integrate code on a regular basis in a shared repository. When developing new features, they are rigorously tested individually and alongside already existing features in order to fully ensure that there are no conflicts or bugs introduced that may break or harm the website.We can automate large parts of the production workflow across a cluster of servers and to cloud based servers, such as the AWS. With our automated workflow, we can be confident our clients will always receive functional deliverables each time.

System Integration

We have helped our clients achieve success not just online but also through management of business efficiency. We ensure the Magento platform can speak to your vital business software, ranging from your order management and catalogue management software to your CRM, ERP, or even accounting software such as Sage.With our partners, who are on board at the initial planning stage of a project, focus can be diverted to delivering the necessary system integration with Magento to instil confidence that the integration work is successful with both systems able to speak to one another.
Magento Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers are key contacts throughout the project lifecycle. Their key role is to maintain communication with our clients and manage the team to make sure the project is on track and within budget.Using Active Collab, the leading project management software, we ensure that all projects run efficiently, whilst hosting it privately to keep security at a maximum. With this software, we can easily communicate with our clients, setup milestones, see the entire project overview, and keep documents and notes shared. You will always know the project status, any outstanding tasks, be able to view invoices, and all in more than one location. No more endless digging out old emails or blindly following a project process.Magento is big part of our business and so we are very community-driven. As members of the London Magento User Group, we actively participate in the Magento community; appearing at conferences, participating at discussions, and attending events all allow us to keep at the top of our game.Get in contact with us to discuss your next project.

Magento Responsive Website Design

Magento Responsive Website Design

At R & W Media, we pride ourselves not just on our technical capabilities in working with the Magento eCommerce platform but also our beautiful, engaging, mobile friendly and SEO friendly website designs.When it comes to designing, our thoughts are always from your customers’ perspectives. We ask ourselves how we retain customers on your website keep them there. Further, we help drive them through the sales funnel and finally through to checkout without any complications, whilst simplifying the process from the very start.We have very talented, Adobe Photoshop experienced designers. Beyond the aesthetic looks of a gorgeous, responsive website design, we also employ UX design to craft the best shopping experience possible for your customers.

Design Studio

Focus On UX Design

Before designing a beautiful website, we start with planning and research, complete a competitor analysis, and engage you to discover and understand your business goals, products, and, most of all, who your target audience is. This allows us to make data-driven decisions around design focused on conversions and UX to deliver an interactive shopping experience. This will allow us to map out the customer journey and produce a strategy to help generate conversions.UX design is incredibly important because if it doesn’t directly influence customers to buy your products online, it’s an influencing factor when buying through a multichannel retailer experience.As part of the design process, we present wireframes to our client and demonstrate the website architecture to showcase how customers will interact with the website. The wireframes will represent navigational aspects, content, shopping features, and the overall structure. After the wireframe approval stage, this is when our UI designers will design the cosmetics and aesthetic look.

Optimised Product and Landing Pages

When designing an online store, we optimise both product pages and landing pages to drive conversions and reduce any complexities along the way. This includes creating a clutter free website that’s easy for visitors to navigate on a desktop or mobile devise and find information more easily. By deliberately crafting an easier journey for customers, we can see a higher increase in conversion rates.
Magento Simplify Checkout Process

Simplify The Checkout Process

The checkout process is extremely critical part of an online store. At times, the process can be long winded and complicated for customers and many customers abandon their order. Our talented design team at R & W Media has years of experience in simplifying the checkout process. We ensure the checkout is clean, simple, and distraction free, whilst encouraging customers who enter the checkout process to complete their purchase and buy. We fully understand the online shopping experience and create a checkout process that will help lower cart abandonment.

What Is Responsive Website Design?

With the rise in numbers of consumers browsing from mobile and tablet devices, it has become the primary method for browsing the Internet today and, as such, all of our designs are responsive and fully mobile friendly. We follow and employ the responsive web design method, ensuring your website adapts to any web browser size and is fully optimised for viewing on all mobile devices, tablet devices, and high resolution desktop displays.Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is critical, since Google now considers this as part of their mobile search ranking factor.
Magento Responsive Web Design

R & W Media Ecommerce Design

We are proud of the creative and engaging Magento solutions we have designed over the years. Our creative team understands wants and needs of customers whilst shopping online and so, when combing this with UX design, we can deliver a unique creative process that helps bring your brand values to best efforts.We have designed eCommerce stores for a wide range of businesses, including the fashion industry, brands, electronics, gifts, food and beverage, and toy companies.

How Have We Helped Our Clients?

With years of eCommerce experience, we have helped many of our clients succeed online dramatically. Since we launched Mary Jane Fashion’s new, responsive Magento website, their conversion rate has increased by 31.5% and increased revenue to an all-time high of 212.31%!Have a look at our Magento portfolio for a full list of websites that we have worked on.

Get in touch

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, contact us immediately; we are always happy to help.